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Limiting Alimony Payments in Time and Scope

If your spouse did not work during your marriage, or made significantly less than you did, you may be obligated to pay spousal support. Under Alabama law, spousal support, or alimony, is granted only where necessary to preserve the economic status quo as it existed during marriage. Alimony may be awarded temporarily to assist with living expenses while the divorce is pending, as periodic payment or for rehabilitative purposes.

Spousal support awards vary based on the length of your marriage, the age, health, education and work history of the spouses involved. Unless the age or health of one spouse prevents him or her from working, spousal support is typically only granted to allow the spouse with lower income the opportunity to obtain education, training and employment. Our lawyers work hard to ensure our clients obtain fair alimony determinations that allow both spouses to support themselves financially.

North Alabama Alimony Attorneys

The court uses a variety of factors to determine whether alimony should be granted, the amount owed and the length of the obligation, including:

-The length of the marriage
-The financial condition of each spouse
-The marital standard of living
-Each spouse's education and work history
-The health and age of each spouse

-The court may look at additional factors, such as one spouse's financial support of the other's education or training, or if one spouse's career choice — such as the military — has required frequent moves that prevented the other from developing a career.

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