North Alabama Mediation Lawyers

Keeping Power in the Clients' Hands

At the Huntsville, Alabama, law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, we believe the way to resolve a family law dispute is through mediation.

When family disputes are litigated in the courtroom, a judge — who has little knowledge of you, your family or your children — makes important decisions that affect your financial health, your parent-child relationships and your daily lifestyle. At the law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, we believe you should make the decisions.

During mediation, a neutral mediator helps disputing parties avoid court by reaching mutually beneficial agreements regarding property division, child custody and visitation and support obligations. Unlike judges, mediators do not hand down decisions. Rather, they help both parties overcome their differences and find solutions that work. Because decisions are made by the people involved, solutions are typically more comprehensive, taking into account the unique considerations, family dynamics and personalities involved. Don't let a judge decide what is best for your family. Use mediation as a tool to make sure your voice is heard.

Advantages of Divorce Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation and drafting of agreement can occur on the same dayJudge makes final decision based on state guidelines
Parties approve their own agreementJudge imposes an order
No need for discovery, subpoenaed records, depositions, correspondenceInvolves obtaining discovery and subpoenaed records, mediation, depositions, court appearances
Time frame for the entire process ranges from 30 days to several weeksTime frame ranges from several months to years
Shorter time frame = fewer hours billed by attorneyLonger process = more hours billed by attorneys, mediator, court reporter, and experts
Less stress on the parties and their childrenExtreme stress and conflict for the parties and their children

North Alabama Divorce Dispute Resolution Attorney

Although your romantic relationship may be over, you must maintain a parenting relationship with your child's other parent for life.

Oftentimes, a courtroom trial only further deteriorates already contentious relationships. By using alternative forms of dispute resolution, like mediation, parents are able to avoid the further breakdown of parenting relationships and reach mutually beneficial agreements regarding child custody, visitation, and child support.

As a trained mediator, lawyer Shelley Bilbrey facilitates open and effective communication between the parties. By maintaining a neutral forum, guiding the conversation and keeping record of decisions made along the way, Ms. Bilbrey helps parties resolve their disputes without the time and costs of litigation.

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