North Alabama Gestational Agreement Attorney

At the Huntsville, Alabama, law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, we help clients involved in gestational agreements protect their legal interests and establish their parental rights.

North Alabama Gestational Agreement Attorneys

A gestational mother is a woman who bears a child using an egg and sperm donor and who does not intend to parent the child. In Alabama, both the maternity and paternity of children born to gestational mothers must be clarified.

This is typically done through a gestational agreement or contract. Gestational agreements typically involve three parties, the intended mother and father and the gestational mother. If the gestational mother is married, her husband may need to be involved due to the presumption that a married man is the biological father of any children born to his wife. Additional legal steps may need to be taken if egg or sperm donors were used.

At the law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, our attorneys work with gestational mothers and intended parents to draft comprehensive gestational contracts that clearly lay out each party's rights, obligations and responsibilities to the unborn child. By drafting clear, concise contracts, our lawyers ensure our clients' legal rights are protected.

Some states recognize the validity of gestational agreements while others do not. In addition, issues arise when a child is born to a surrogate mother in a state that recognizes gestational carrier contracts but is taken by his or her biological parents to a state that does not honor such agreements.

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