Firm Overview

Family Law Advocacy With Skill, Integrity, Professionalism and Compassion

At the Huntsville, Alabama, law firm of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, our philosophy is to help individuals, children and families move toward a resolution of their domestic issue that is as fair and just as possible to all involved. We are especially sensitive to the safety and care of children.

Our goal is to help individuals to resolve their domestic issues and family law matters without court intervention, except to legally ratify the agreement of the parties. It is always preferable for adults who know one another to come to a resolution that all sides agree upon rather than leave it to the decision making of a judge, even a wise one, who does not know the adults involved and in most instances will never even meet the children.

However, not all situations can be or should be handled through divorce mediation or another non-adversarial forum. Experienced divorce and family law trial attorney Shelley L. Bilbrey stands ready and willing to advocate just as strongly in advancing a client's cause through the litigation process from filing a petition through a final trial and appeal if warranted.

The firm strives to encourage and remind clients to place a child's best interest before all other considerations and to be practical in suggesting resolutions as to all domestic issues. The experience of firm members has been that most people desire and can achieve these goals even in the midst of a personal crisis if given the proper support.

To this end, the firm will recommend other professionals to work with a family depending on the needs, such as therapists, financial consultants, doctors and any other professionals who can provide expertise beyond the legal arena. To discuss your particular needs with an experienced lawyer, please contact our office in Huntsville today.

No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.