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The stress and uncertainty caused by legal disputes can negatively affect every area of your life. There is hope. At the law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, we help clients look past the turmoil of their current legal challenge and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our attorneys work to find real solutions to our clients' most difficult family law and personal injury disputes. Every step we take is strategically positioned to guide clients through the legal system in an effective and efficient manner, and lead them to a brighter future.

As a small, intimate practice, the law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, provides thoughtful and effective legal representation to clients involved in divorce, child custody and other family law disputes, and those who have been injured in accidents.

The Law Office Of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC: Leading Clients To A Brighter Future

At the law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, we take a balanced approach to solving legal disputes. It is our goal to resolve our clients' legal challenges in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Often, this means using mediation, negotiation and settlement; other times, litigation is necessary to protect our clients' rights. Our attorneys always have our clients' best interests in mind. We won't settle simply because it is easier, and we won't push litigation when it is not in our clients' best interests.

We help clients see past their current legal challenges and look to the future.

Our lawyers believe well-informed clients make smart decisions. We take the time to explain the realities of our clients' legal situation to them. Once clients fully understand both the short- and long-term impacts each decision will have on their finances, their relationships and their family dynamics, they are able to participate in the decision-making process in an intelligent, meaningful way.

Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC provides representation in the following areas:

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Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the attorneys at the law office of Shelley L. Bilbrey, PC, provide honest, effective legal advice in the areas of family law, divorce and personal injury.

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